Sunday, July 22, 2012

Low Maintenance Landscape

We decided to fix and add to the landscaping that was thrown together quite fast. We purchased two yards of dirt and 2 yards of mulch. You can see we moved the tree on the right side of the garage to match the one on the left. In the picture in previous post you can see it was out really far to the right. Well that's because they were lazy and did not want to dig up the gravel I came across while moving the tree. It looks much better now.
Added mulch and two trees on the side of the house all the way to the back. We will put flowers in between but haven't found anything we like so far. We have also added Solar lights we found at Home Depot. You can see we also added rock under the fireplace so the grass will not grow there.
Waterproofed the entire foundation. We used Loxon XP by Sherwin Williams and also had it tinted to "Stone Lion" It looks so much nicer painted.
Added rocks to try to prevent flooding by each of the gutter down spouts.