Friday, December 23, 2011

Siding Snafu!

I pulled on to our street today and was SO excited to see the siding was done on the house. Our PM didn't make his weekly update with us so I had no idea this was done. The more I looked at it I thought boy this looks lighter than I thought and lighter than the house down the street that I like. The siding crew was at another house so we asked what color ours was and they said Stone Mountain Clay which is what we picked. So I drove to the model to ask why ours was a tad lighter then I thought it should be. Come to find out..the color I really wanted and saw on previous homes is called Khaki. Which was discontinued in June 2011. So I thought when I picked the darkest color out of the options (Stone Mountain Clay) I was getting the darkest that I kept seeing on homes already built. Obviously there is nothing we can do, but it still bothers me because I like the other color way better!!! I guess lesson learned, don't ASSUME anything!

Our House -Stone Mountain Clay
Model Home - Khaki

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paint Colors!!!

Considering I work for Sherwin Williams, I have picked out most of my paint colors for the house already!

SW 6228 Refuge - Morning room accent wall and also the living room
SW 7065 Argos - Kitchen, some of family room, hallways and spare bath upstairs.
SW 7068 Grizzle Gray- Powder room and Accent wall in family room (wall with fireplace)
SW 6710 Melange Green - Accent wall in Master Bedroom
SW 7067 Cityscape - Other Master Bedroom walls and Master Bath
SW 6486 Reflecting Pool - Laundry Room
SW 6270 Soulmate - Spare Bedroom "Guest Bedroom"
SW 6011 Chinchilla - Office

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pre Drywall Meeting

We had our pre drywall meeting yesterday (12/12/11) It went well. It was nothing special even kind of pointless but I guess they must have it to make you feel good. The PM just walked us around the entire house showing us where all the outlets, plumbing, light rough ins, sump pump, electrical box, furnance, etc are. It was freezing in the house so we kind of hurried through it. Drywall starts this Thursday 12/15/11. Pictures coming soon.

Family Room Drywall
Morning Room/Some of Kitchen Drywall
Master Bedroom Closet Drywall