Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We met with the flooring company today (which we thought would be so easy) We are STILL undecided on which direction to go. Maybe it's because they put you in this small room with so many options and you feel overwhelmed in having to make a decision that very moment. We asked to meet back with them so we could have a few days to think about what we would want. There are plenty of upgrades but with those upgrades comes a price $$$!!! We wanted to do our own research to make sure we are getting the best bang for our buck. I'm pretty sure we are going to upgrade the carpet to a 10 year warranty, that has more color options as well. We also heard it's best to upgrade the padding. So we are going to choose the middle upgrade (8 lbs) As far as tile, wood, or a laminate floor, NO CLUE!!!! I think we may stick with what comes with the house and tackle that project on our own when the time comes.

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